Technology Revolution in Medellin

MEDELLIN, Colombia, 29 September 2015 — With colleagues Gumersindo Lafuente and Gina Morelo, I discuss the revolution in technology that has made Backpack Video Journalism a reality today. The panel was held at Medellin’s Universidad EAFIT. (Photos by David Estrada Larrañeta)

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Backpacking Garcia Marquez Fest

MEDELLIN, Colombia, 28 September 2015 — This was the opening session of my Backpack Video Journalism Workshop at the Gabriel García Márquez Festival and Journalism Awards event. (Photos by David Estrada Larrañeta)

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Backpack Workshop in Colombia

MEDELLIN, Colombia, 27 September 2015 — I took a ride on the cable cars for a view of this extraordinary city, which I last visited as Contract Photographer for Newsweek Magazine in Latin America and the Caribbean, during the bloody drug war days of the 1980s. It’s a different city today. I came here at […]

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Inaugurating “Crisis Zones”

WASHINGTON, DC, 23 September 2015 – I showed some of my work during a presentation launching a series by American University’s Humanities Lab on crisis zones around the world. For more information, see (Photo courtesy Trey Yingst)  

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