Backpack Video to Ghana Market


ACCRA, Ghana, 25 November 2015 — I spent part of the day at a market in Accra, with participants in my Backpack Video Journalism Workshop. In the red and green dress, Della Russel ClassPee shoots video on one of the busy pathways that crisscross this hot and bustling market. Another participant, Senyuiedzorm Awusi Adadevoh, shoots a fabric shop whose business is threatened by cheap, Chinese copies. These “informal” markets are much the same around the world. Many people struggling for economic survival in the countryside come to the cities and sell whatever they can. It’s a tough place to work, and outsiders making pictures of the laborers here are sometimes not completely welcomed, as you can see from the stares that Kwamee Kwame gets as he shoots some still photos.
(Photos by Bill Gentile)

02.SA shooting

03.Kwamee shoots