AU Abroad Students Explore Havana, Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, 11 September 2011 — AU Abroad students board a crowded bus to reach a church service in Centro Habana on Sunday 11 September. The AU students are spending fall semester in the Cuban capital where they are studying at Casa de las Americas, this Caribbean nation’s premier cultural center.

The students are taking five courses at Casa, four of them from Cuban professors. In addition, I am teaching my Photojournalism and Social Documentary class, which I present as a step toward the methodology that we refer to as backpack journalism. Made possible by the technical revolution in digital cameras and the Internet, backpack journalism is built on the foundation of documentary photojournalism.

In the center and wearing sunglasses is Emmalee June Kinard. To the left is Cristina Khan, behind whom is Dara Jackson-Garrett. Standing is Paul Barrett.

(Photo by Bill Gentile.)