Backpack Video Journalism Takes to the Streets

WASHINGTON, DC, 12 May 2011 — My Backpack Documentary class this past spring semester at American University (AU) produced some exceptional films that are worth sharing with a broader audience.

Undergraduate student Sareen Hairabedian followed two young “guerrilla” street artists to shoot, produce and edit the film, “Let’s Get Out of Here.” The piece won the Audience Award at AU’s School of Communication annual Visions Festival.

It’s a great example of the immediate, intimate work made possible using the methodology that we refer to as “backpack video journalism,” or “backpack documentary.” And it’s just a sample of some of the work being generated by our Backpack Journalism Project at American University. You can watch Sareen’s film here. And you can learn more about Sareen here.

We’ll be posting more of my students’ work on this page, so stay tuned.