Register Today for Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua

WASHINGTON, DC, 9 June 2012 — Registration is open for the second “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” scheduled for 12-23 July 2012. Above, a young Nicaraguan works the land near her home just outside the capital of Managua, during the 2011 Expedition.

I accompany participants to the Central American nation of Nicaragua for an immersion in the process of documentary filmmaking. Participants follow American volunteers working with the non-profit organization, “Bridges to Community,” in the region of Nindiri to learn the essence of documentary — using media to transform the world. Drawing on my 30+ years of experience in the field, students acquire knowledge and skills that otherwise might take months or even years to attain.

The region of Nindiri is located between the capital city of Managua and the city of Masaya. While Nindiri town has preserved much of its colonial flare, many of the surrounding rural communities lack even basic infrastructure. Many of the people there are farmers. More recently, some have become workers in the “Free Trade Zone” textile factories. Neither alternative provides more than a very limited income, and the communities have few options to improve their own housing, education or healthcare. Bridges to Community started work in Nindiri in 2006.

Join me and learn to make powerful documentaries in Nicaragua, the land of lakes and volcanoes in the heart of Central America. For details, see You can see the work of Martha Dodge, a student in last year’s Expedition, here.

I am convinced that we can use this methodology as a force for good. As the slogan for our expedition states: “Engage. Embrace. Empower.” This is the mission.