Spreading the Video Journalism Gospel in Suriname

PORT O SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago, 4 May 2014 – On my way to Suriname for a week of workshops, presentations and teaching. Catching a connection here from Miami. The last time I was in Trinidad and Tobago, I still was with Newsweek Magazine and was covering an insurrection that had devastated the downtown area of this Caribbean nation. It was the early 90s. It was big news – until one evening when one of our colleagues walked into a government-run news conference and announced that Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait. The news spread around the room like wildfire and, as if on cue, we immediately started packing up our gear and heading for the next big story.

I’ll be in Suriname to talk about how technology has granted a new generation of communicators a level of power never dreamed of when I was working the region for United Press International and Newsweek Magazine.

(Photo by Bill Gentile)