Teaching Video Journalism’s Six-Shot System

WASHINGTON, DC, 21 August 2012 — I use a hand-held digital camera to demonstrate and to explain the Six-Shot System that I employ at the Video Journalism Workshop of 16-19 August. From left to right are me, workshop participants Ray Hinojosa, Alex Krstevski and Sam Loewenberg.

This most recent workshop included participants from the Department of Veterans Affairs and another from the World Bank. One participant is a former member of the United States Marine Corps.

The event also included two winners of the Sgt. Sullivan Center Scholarship, named so for a Marine who died from unknown illness after having served in Iraq.

The Video Journalism Workshops are intensive, four-day immersions in the craft of “video journalism” defined as character-driven television/web productions with hand-held digital cameras by a single practitioner. The workshops cover the gamut of this storytelling craft from the genesis and shaping of story ideas, to shooting powerful images that drive the story, to the capture and use of sound, to script writing, narration, and. These workshops are appropriate for beginners with some experience as well as existing practitioners who desire to sharpen their skills or acquire new ones. We welcome photojournalists, print and video journalists, aspiring documentary filmmakers and independent storytellers.

The workshops are for beginners with some experience as well as more seasoned practitioners who want to sharpen their skills and acquire new ones. We welcome photojournalists making the transition to film and video. Print journalists seeking to expand their skills will find the workshops particularly useful. Broadcast journalists accustomed to the technology and techniques preceding today’s hand-held digital cameras will find that the newer equipment delivers a more immediate, intimate version of visual communication than their predecessors. Video journalists, documentarians, filmmakers and independent storytellers who want to expand their skill set and learn from one of the pioneers in the field also will benefit from the Workshops. You must be at least 18 years old to attend.

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