“Through Their Eyes” Screens at Catholic University

WASHINGTON, DC, 29 September 2014 — Students, faculty and administrators at Catholic University in our nation’s capital screened our documentary, “Through Their Eyes,” about six AU Abroad students in Cuba during Fall Semester 2011. We were invited to show the film to students interested in studying abroad. After the screening, I made the point about how unique our time in Cuba was, especially in relation to other abroad excursions.

This film was a long-term project, with my wife, Esther Gentile, editing the piece over a stretch of many months. Just as importantly, it was Esther who pushed me not to drop the project, in the face of a busy schedule in Cuba and the pressures of teaching my “Photojournalism and Social Documentary” class, conducting numerous Video Workshops on the island and a executing a substantial amount of freelance work.
(Photo by Bill Gentile)