Video Journalist Visits “Love in the Restaurant”

WASHINGTON, DC, 19 December 2012 — Ann Puderbaugh produced, shot and wrote this video during our 6-9 December 2012 Video Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC. What’s extraordinary here is that this is Ann’s first time out with a camera doing this kind of work — evidence that proper instruction in the visual language can equip practitioners with the tools necessary for powerful visual storytelling.

You can see the story HERE.

Ann used the restaurant owner’s narration as the dramatic arc of the piece, a common technique in our craft.

The Video Journalism Workshops are for beginners with some experience as well as more seasoned practitioners who want to sharpen their skills and acquire new ones. We welcome photojournalists making the transition to film and video. Print journalists seeking to expand their skills will find the workshops particularly useful. Broadcast journalists accustomed to the technology and techniques preceding today’s hand-held digital cameras will find that the newer equipment delivers a more immediate, intimate version of visual communication than their predecessors. Video journalists, documentary filmmakers and independent storytellers who want to expand their skill set and learn from one of the pioneers in the field also will benefit from the workshops. You must be at least 18 years old to attend.