Marketing Expert at Backpack Video Workshop

Bruce Marketing

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 April 2016 —This is Bruce Jones. He is an Internet marketing expert, author of numerous books, long-time friend and colleague — and regular instructor at my Backpack Video Journalism Workshops.

Whether in-person or via Skype, Bruce has advised hundreds of my workshop participants on how to market their work on the Internet. He’ll be joining us once again at our event this May 12-15. Don’t miss his valuable lessons, which can change your business and your life.

So register today, and save up to $200 on my Backpack Video Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC. This is a four-day immersion in the Visual Storytelling Language. At the workshop you will learn the gamut of skills associated with making powerful, character-driven videos for television and the Internet: Conceiving. Pitching, Proposing. Producing. Shooting. Writing. Narrating. Editing. Marketing. It’s all there.

Go to for details. The deadline for registration is midnight on Saturday 30 April. So there are only 14 days left!

Use the code word, VJWLIVE, for the $100 Spring Discount!

Use the code word, VETERANVJW, for the $200 Veteran’s Discount!

Please spread the word and I’ll see you in May!

Bill Gentile