Allan Baer and SolarQuest

We’ve been fortunate to have hooked up with Allan Baer, one of the founders of SolarQuest, a company that substitutes alternative energy sources for environmentally UN-friendly systems. Actually, it was MacKenzie O’Donnell, one of the AU students on this trip, who met Allan after one of his alternative-energy presentations in Washington, DC, and then got him engaged in this project. So my hat goes off to MacKenzie, whose pro-active contact with Allan has made a tremendous difference in the outcome of our trip to the Galapagos. Allan is involved in bringing wind power to the Galapagos, and he took us to see the three windmills installed on a hilltop overlooking San Cristobal, where we spent the early part of our visit to these islands. He was instrumental in setting up a trip for us with some local fishermen, who are caught in the middle of the age-old struggle between conservation and development. In this picture you see Allan, on the far left with a cap, waiting with our students on a San Cristobal pier for the fishermen to pick us up.