Backpack Journalism…or Not

It’s not exactly backpack journalism. But our students are learning how to tell stories on the run with hand-held digital cameras, which is a key component of backpack journalism. The 24 students are broken down into four groups of six. The film making responsibilities are distributed among them. The kind of material they’re looking for […]

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Wind Power on Galapagos Island

These American University students are working on a series of documentaries about alternative power sources in the Galapagos. Here, on San Cristobal, they shoot one segment about wind power.

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Allan Baer and SolarQuest

We’ve been fortunate to have hooked up with Allan Baer, one of the founders of SolarQuest, a company that substitutes alternative energy sources for environmentally UN-friendly systems. Actually, it was MacKenzie O’Donnell, one of the AU students on this trip, who met Allan after one of his alternative-energy presentations in Washington, DC, and then got […]

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