Essential QuickTip #7: Hide the Lavaliere

LITCHFIELD BEACH, South Carolina, 24 November 2010 — You see it all the time. Lovely women wearing ugly lav microphones sticking out of their neck as if it were some malignant growth. Hide the thing! Go to a pharmacy and get some Moleskin tape, which you normally would apply to your heel when wearing new shoes that otherwise would chew up the back of your foot. Use Moleskin to tape the lav – without the clip – to the inside of your subjects’ garment. The stuff is porous so you can actually hear through it. And it protects the mic from necklaces or other items that otherwise would rub against the lav and ruin your sound. Take a look at Megan Stack, a great nurse at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. I shot Megan at work for “Nurses Needed,” a piece broadcast by NOW on PBS. Find the lav! (Photo by Bill Gentile)