WASHINGTON, DC, 11 September 2022 — I wrote this book because I had to. Because I needed to. In this audio version of the memoir’s Introduction, I explain why and how I put the book together. Take a listen at If you like what you hear, you can purchase the audio version of the […]

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Back to “Wait for Me”

WASHINGTON, DC, 4 September 2022 — After a summer of professional and personal endeavors, I’m back posting brief sections of the audio version of my memoir, “Wait for Me: True Stories of War, Love and Rock & Roll.” I think it makes sense to begin with the book’s “Author’s Note,” in which I discuss the […]

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The Contra War. Buy it here:

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 July 2022 — The Contra War unfolded almost exclusively in the country’s northern mountains bordering Honduras with minor incursions from Costa Rica led by Sandinista defectors. Fighting never really came to the capital, which posed special challenges for people like me who wanted to cover the conflict. To do so, I had […]

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A “Just” War? book reading and discussion

WASHINGTON, DC, 29 June 2022 — What do a crisis reporter and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine think about “just” wars and the current conflict in Ukraine? You are invited to join us for A “Just” War? to find out! When: Thursday July 14th from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Where: American University’s Bender Library or virtually […]

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My Nicaraguan Family

WASHINGTON, DC, 4 June 2022 — When my memoir made its debut, legendary foreign correspondent and former New York Times bureau chief for Mexico and Central America Alan Riding was kind enough to review the book for ReVista Harvard Review of Latin America. He wrote: “I was an old hand in Central America by the […]

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LISTEN TO “Wait for Me”: Immigrants

WASHINGTON, DC, 28 May 2022 — “I am the proud grandson and son of Italian immigrants who came to the United States to forge lives for their sons and their daughters better than their own.” That’s how I start this chapter of my memoir, “Wait for Me: True Stories of War, Love and Rock & […]

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