Essential Video Journalism Tutorial, “From Clips to Story”, WASHINGTON, DC, 29 October 2012 — The first in a series of Essential Video Journalism Tutorials I’m distributing, this film is called, “From Clips to Story.” You can see the film HERE.

One of the most important lessons I teach my students is the ability to “deconstruct” visual stories so they can document and then “RE-construct” those stories using the media that they have generated in the field. This piece describes the progression from clip to sequence to scene to STORY. This lesson is an integral part of my Video Journalism Workshops.

The Video Journalism Workshops are intensive, four-day immersions in the craft of “backpack video journalism” defined as character-driven television/web productions with hand-held digital cameras by a single practitioner. The workshops cover the gamut of this storytelling craft from the genesis and shaping of story ideas, to shooting powerful images that drive the story, to the capture and use of sound, to script writing, narration, and editing. These workshops are appropriate for beginners with some experience as well as existing practitioners who desire to sharpen their skills or acquire new ones. We welcome photojournalists, print and video journalists, aspiring documentarians, filmmakers and independent storytellers.