Gear to Go

WASHINGTON, DC, 8 July 2015 — I’ve received a number of messages about the equipment I took recently to the Ecuadoran Amazon. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not a “gear head.” But it’s important to keep up with the technology that enables us to do our work and to compete.

So I’ll take a bit of time and space here, and over the next few days, to go over the equipment I took to one of the more challenging places one can work — the rain forest — especially during the rainy season.

Pictured here is the essence of what I took on the trip: an iPhone 6+ equipped with FiLMiC Pro; a charger for the iPhone; a MacBook Pro laptop computer; a wireless microphone set; re-chargeable batteries for the wireless set; a directional microphone; an external hard drive; a tripod and a monopod; cables and connections to make it all work together; a map; a hat.

I’ll go over each of these items individually, and how well (or not) they worked, so stay tuned.