The Story of a Language, by Video Journalism, WASHINGTON, DC, 28 December 2013 — This is Florencia Traibel’s film about my recent workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay, about the people and about the products. Florencia chose to cover the five-day event as her workshop project, partly as a way to explain the overall experience.

Click HERE to watch Florencia’s film.

It’s an interesting way to lay out not only the structure of the workshop, but also the structure of the visual storytelling language, which is what I teach. We are the beneficiaries of a revolution in technology. Digital cameras and smart phones, along with the Internet, give us the power to communicate globally, instantly, and in a language, the visual language, that needs no translation or corporate support.

Technology alone, however, does not allow us to effectively communicate, partly because too few owners of that technology are familiar with the visual language. That’s where I come in. That’s what I teach. That’s what Florencia’s film is about.