“Through Their Eyes” Screening Wednesday 30 January

WASHINGTON, DC, 26 January 2013 — Join us for the screening this Wednesday 30 January of “Through Their Eyes,” a one-hour documentary about six American University students studying in Cuba during fall semester 2011. See how each student is transformed by the experience. The documentary will screen in the Ward Building, Room #1. This is the American University building located right at the intersection of Massachusetts and Nebraska Avenues. The auditorium is located in the basement level. Food and refreshment will be served. We look forward to seeing you there. Admission is free.

For those of you interested in the craft, this documentary is the embodiment of the “backpack video journalism” model that I introduced to American University in 2007. It’s one properly trained person performing the work of camera, sound, producer, correspondent, writer and narrator. The film is edited by my wife, Esther.

You can watch the trailer HERE.

Thanks and best regards,

Bill Gentile