Old Havana City Historian in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC, 26 May 2012 — This photo was taken during a recent reception and dinner in honor of Dr. Eusebio Leal, the City Historian of Old Havana, Cuba. From left are Cuban artist and teacher Ramon Menocal, my wife Esther, Leal, Press Secretary of the Cuban Interest Section Juan Jacomino, and myself. The reception […]

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Backpack Journalism at Monteavila University in Caracas

CARACAS, Venezuela, 7 May 2012 — I took my Backpack Journalism presentation today to Monteavila University in Caracas to a group of very enthusiastic students. Most of them do not aspire to practice journalism but found the power and the promise of our craft to be compelling.    

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Caracas Backpack Journalism Workshop Ends

CARACAS, Venezuela, 5 May 2012 — This is the group of students who participated in the Backpack Journalism Workshop that I conducted at the Andres Bello Catholic University in Caracas. The event ended Saturday with a viewing of student projects. What a wonderful group of talented young men and women.

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Backpack Journalism Workshop Winds Down In Caracas

CARACAS, Venezuela, 5 May 2012 — Finished up a terrific Backpack Journalism Workshop with a wonderful group of students at the Andres Bello Catholic University in Caracas. I spent the day shooting with them on campus, watching them interview subjects, overseeing edits and watching final projects. Just as importantly, I spent time with them discussing […]

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Backpack Journalism Workshops In Caracas, Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela 2 May 2012 — Friends and relatives of prisoners inside the notorious La Planta Penitentiary in Caracas maintain a presence at the prison gates to ensure those inside are not transferred to facilities far from the capital. Prisoners inside rioted on Monday 30 April, sparking a 10-minute gun battle and speculation that authorities […]

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