Cuban Video Journalists Present at American University

WASHINGTON, DC, 19 September 2012 — A poster announcing this evening’s event featuring two documentary filmmakers Maria Elisa Perez and Duniesky Canton Fernandez.  

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Cuban Video Journalists at University of Maryland

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, 18 September 2012 — Cuban video journalists Duniesky Canton Fernandez and Maria Elisa Perez address a group of Latin American specialists at the University of Maryland. Winners of a documentary competition sponsored by American University’s Center for Latin American and Latino Studies (CLALS) the Cubans are visiting the United States for the […]

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Sony’s Alpha 77 DSLR Debuts in Cuba With AU Abroad

HAVANA, Cuba, 9 September 2012 — While in Cuba with AU Abroad students last week, I spent some time at Casa de las Americas going over the basics of my “Photojournalism and Social Documentary” course, to be taught by Cuban instructor Carlos Ernesto Escalona Marti. Casa de las Americas is Cuba’s premier cultural institute, renowned […]

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Sony’s New DSLR With AU Abroad Students in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, 10 September 2012 — During my recent visit to Havana, I went over some of the basic functions of the Sony Alpha 77 DSLR cameras. The new, hi-tech gear was loaned to American University’s School of Communication (SOC) largely because of our Backpack Journalism Project, which I launched two years ago. I visited […]

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AU Abroad Takes Sony Cameras to Semester in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, 7 September 2012 — The sun also rises over Havana, Cuba, from where I just returned after having spent a week supervising my “Photojournalism and Social Documentary” class, to be taught this semester by a Cuban instructor. This is the early-morning view from my room on the 8th floor of the Hotel Presidente, […]

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