War Room

WASHINGTON, DC, Day 10 of 40 — Still asleep, the War Room is strewn with remnants of our struggle to fund post-production of our documentary series, “FREELANCERS.” Computers, charts, calendars listing goals and deadlines, strategy, offensive and counter-offensive. It all takes place here.

We scored a significant victory yesterday: We hit the 25 percent mark of our crowdfunding goal.

I am reminded of a commencement speech given a few years ago by former president of the Associated Press (AP), Tom Curley. He delivered the speech at American University, where I teach. He advised students to learn to work in teams. Being the “lone wolf” looks cool in the movies, he said, but teams are more effective in achieving one’s goals.

The team that I’ve assembled for our crowdfunding campaign is living proof that Curley is right. Never could I have achieved alone what we, as a team, have managed to achieve in this collective effort. Teaching Assistants Danielle Criss and Matt Cipollone, plus Marketing Specialist Doyle Cowart and, of course, Campaign Manager (and wife) Esther Gentile, are the engine inside our mission to tell the story of the freelance foreign correspondents who send us crucial information from the farthest corners of the earth.

It is my great good fortune and distinct privilege to work with them. And for that, I say to them, “Thank You.”

Please take a look at our campaign and support Our Team in any way that you can. Click HERE.