Backpack Journalism In the Galapagos

Back in Latin America. A woman carrying an infant begs for change at the airport alongside freelance cab drivers trying to snatch a fare. The smell of diesel as our vehicle weaves through chaotic traffic. Fire breathers spout flames from their mouths on street corners. Upon our arrival in Quito on Friday night I can […]

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Great Day for Backpack Journalism

Backpack journalism moved further into the mainstream last week when AU graduate student David Coffey and I traveled to New York where we finalized his internship with the Associated Press in Bangkok, Thailand. During his 12-week internship, David will employ the backpack journalism model that I’ve been teaching at American University as well as at […]

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Interview on Backpack Journalism for Mass Media Book

I did a long video interview yesterday with Dr. Charles Sterin of the University of Maryland University College. He’s putting together a new book, “Mass Media for the Digital Millenium,” which will be hard copy and online. The book will be published by Pearson Education, Inc., reportedly the largest publisher in the world of books […]

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Comments at International Online Symposium

Below is a rough version of the comments I made at the recent 10th International Symposium on Online Journalism, held at the University of Texas at Austin: Despite the fact that America is engaged in two wars, the number of foreign correspondents working overseas and sending information back to the United States about these conflicts, […]

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NOW on PBS Selects Top Workshop Videos

NOW on PBS has selected the top videos from the March 2009 Backpack Journalism Workshop to post on its site. Please see All participants should be deeply proud of your accomplishments. I certainly am.

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The Increasing Role of Non-Profits

I also mentioned the role that non-profits are increasingly playing in our field. These include the Pulitzer Center and the International Reporting Project, just to name two well-known examples. In a model that we are seeing more and more, these groups provide grants, scholarships or fellowships to support journalistic projects overseas, then help journalists distribute […]

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