March 29 Panel on Freelancers at Risk

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 March 2015 — Don’t miss the March 29 panel discussion with veteran freelance correspondents, and media managers, discussing how to manage risk when working overseas. This event is sponsored by American University’s School of Communication and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. The event is free and open to the public. RSVP […]

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Workshop on Religion and Violence Opens at CLALS

WASHINGTON, DC, 14 January 2013 — The workshop, “Religious Responses to Violence in Latin America,” opened Monday at the Founders Room of American University’s (AU) School of International Service. The two-day event is hosted by AU’s Center for Latin American and Latino Studies (CLALS), headed by director Eric Hershberg. The workshop brings together some of […]

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And the Casualties Surge Again

26 JUNE 1979 — Casualties mount during a surge of fighting between Sandinista rebels and members of the Nicaraguan National Guard. Seen with a towel over his shoulder making pictures of a wounded man is John Hoagland, at that time a freelance photojournalist for the Associated Press (AP). John and I covered part of the […]

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The Increasing Role of Non-Profits

I also mentioned the role that non-profits are increasingly playing in our field. These include the Pulitzer Center and the International Reporting Project, just to name two well-known examples. In a model that we are seeing more and more, these groups provide grants, scholarships or fellowships to support journalistic projects overseas, then help journalists distribute […]

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Gentile Quick Tip #1: Hold the Camera Properly

To maximize the effectiveness of your backpack journalism tools, learn how to hold the camera properly. Use the left hand as a base upon which the camera rests. Keep your fingers of the left hand free to manipulate switches, buttons and focus/zoom rings. Grasp the camera firmly with the right hand. See

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