“Rebel Reporting” Review

FOLLOWING IS A REVIEW THAT I WROTE RECENTLY FOR THE RECENTLY PUBLISHED, “REBEL REPORTING,” ABOUT JOURNALIST AND ACTIVIST JOHN ROSS. YOU MAY FIND IT INTERESTING: “Rebel Reporting” took me back to the place where I began working my craft: Mexico and Central America, during what I refer to as, “The Golden Days of Journalism,” when […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” 12-23 July 2012

WASHINGTON, DC, 24 March 2012 — Registration is open for the second “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” scheduled for 12-23 July 2012. Bill Gentile accompanies participants to the Central American nation of Nicaragua for an immersion in the process of documentary filmmaking. Participants follow American volunteers working with the non-profit organization, “Bridges to Community,” in the […]

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Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua. Hard Labor.

WASHINGTON, DC, 20 July 2011 — This is the fourth in a series of video snapshots, or vignettes, which are unedited but mostly chronological clips that I was able to produce while conducting my “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” of 24 June through 3 July 2011. You can watch it on YouTube and on Vimeo. These […]

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The Technology-Driven Revolution

WASHINGTON, DC, 23 February 2011 — I got a query this morning from a person inquiring about my “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” coming up this summer. She was concerned that her lack of experience with new digital cameras might be a stumbling block on the journey. Here’s part of my response: “The methodology that we […]

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Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua

WASHINGTON, DC, 9 February 2011 — The “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” is a 10-day immersion in the craft of character-driven documentary making. We follow American volunteers with a leading U.S. non-profit to the Nicaraguan town of Ticuantepe, just outside the capital of Managua. For me, it’s not just about teaching backpack video journalism, or documentary. […]

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“Nicaragua: An Unfinished Revolution”

WASHINGTON, 29 August 2009 — The documentary, “Nicaragua: An Unfinished Revolution,” recently was broadcast by Al Jazeera English. It was reported by Lucia Newman, a colleague from my Central America days who now works for that broadcast outlet. See I was interviewed for the piece because I had covered the 1979 Sandinista Revolution, and […]

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