Bangkok Workshop #4 Launches

BANGKOK, Thailand, 21 May 2015 — Bangkok Backpack Video Journalism Workshop #4 opened with a “here’s what it looks like” screening of “Chain Gang,” the first piece I did when I began practicing this craft. It has served me well ever since. For more information about my live or online workshops, see and, […]

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Bangkok Workshop N. 3 Ends

BANGKOK, Thailand, 17 May 2015 — Workshop No. 3 in Bangkok ends with a photo of a terrific group of young journalists. Thank you all.  

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Bruce Jones: Build Your Internet Presence

BANGKOK, Thailand, 16 May 2015 — Build your Internet presence. That’s what designer and Internet marketer Bruce Jones advised the students in my Backpack Video Journalism Workshop when we Skyped him in from his Boston office today. Use all the social media tools, Bruce told them, including YouTube, one of the most powerful tools we […]

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Video Workshop Transitions to Post-Production

BANGKOK, Thailand, 15 May 2015 — On this, the second day of our four-day Backpack Video Journalism Workshop, we move into the Post-Production stage. As in the real world of film making, the workshop is broken down into three components: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. (Photo by Bill Gentile)  

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Controlling Idea Is King

BANGKOK, Thailand, 15 May 2015 — I spent part of yesterday tooling around Bangkok, chasing students and stories they’re working on for our Backpack Video Journalism Workshop. We’ve spent quite a bit of time working on the concept of Controlling Idea as the core of our video stories. As I explained to the 24 students […]

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Video Workshops Return to Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand, 13 May 2015 — The sun burns through a thick haze in the Thai capital, where I arrived last night in preparation for two Video Workshops. What a pleasure and honor to have been invited again by the Thai Broadcast Journalists Association. The workshops are four long, hard days (9 am until at […]

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