Backpack Video Journalism Tours Venezuela

WASHINGTON, DC, 18 May 2013 — I address students and faculty at the Universidad Arturo Michelena (UAM) in Valencia, Venezuela, early this week.

I got back last night after a one-week trip to Venezuela, where I met with students and working journalists to discuss backpack video journalism and the technological advances that have made the methodology possible. I visited Barquisimeto, Valencia and Caracas and, as during previous visits, came into contact with wonderful young students eager to practice the craft of communication.

Sadly, and unlike my trip to Panama the previous week, I found Venezuela more polarized and more volatile than ever. Both trips are part of a multi-national tour that I’ve put together this summer. The Panama and Venezuela trips were funded by the U.S. State Department.

Tomorrow I head to Guatemala, where I’m conducting a video journalism workshop sponsored by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. (See I’m conducting another workshop this month in Guatemala, scheduled for the last week of the month and sponsored by longtime colleague and friend Nancy McGirr and her non-profit, Fotokids. (See In June I head to London where I’m conducting a workshop for Thomson Reuters. (See

Above, reviewing student work at UAM. Below, autographing handouts.