Backpack Video Journalism Tours Venezuela

WASHINGTON, DC, 18 May 2013 — I address students and faculty at the Universidad Arturo Michelena (UAM) in Valencia, Venezuela, early this week. I got back last night after a one-week trip to Venezuela, where I met with students and working journalists to discuss backpack video journalism and the technological advances that have made the […]

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Backpack Journalism at Catholic University in Caracas

CARACAS, Venezuela, 3 May 2012 — Had a great two-hour session today with students at the Andres Bello Catholic University. About 90 students from all sectors of the university showed up for the presentation, which marked World Press Freedom Day. During the talk, “Technology and the New Age of Information,” I showed a bit of […]

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Backpack Video Journalism in Caracas

CARACAS, Venezuela, 25 March 2011 — During the two-day workshop at the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas, I had time to walk the corridors of the institution with one of the work-study students who assisted during the event. Below, I discuss the advantages of backpack video journalism with students. (Photos by Alex Rengel.)

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Backpack Journalism: Venezuela to Washington

WASHINGTON, 11 October 2009 — I arrived late last night after a week-long speaking tour at universities in Maracaibo, Valencia and Caracas, Venezuela. Time now to sort through notes and newspaper articles, etc., that I picked up along the way. Above is a write-up of the tour that appeared in the Tuesday 6 October edition […]

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Day 5: Backpack Journalism in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela, 9 October 2009 — We rush around Caracas for interviews with various news outlets, fighting traffic all the time. It’s been a good week, and I’m deeply impressed with students here. My hope is that they have the opportunity to practice the craft that is so critical now to the dialogue that is […]

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Day 4: Backpack Journalism in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela 8 October 2009 — I’m showing some of my work from Central America to students at the Andres Bello Catholic University in Caracas on Thursday 8 October. Also seen are students watching the documentary I shot last year in Afghanistan. The main theme of my week-long visit to four universities in three cities […]

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