Video Journalism (and Change) Head to Uruguay

WASHINGTON, DC, 24 November 2013 — This is the poster prepared by a former student of mine announcing my visit to, and Video Journalism Workshop in, Uruguay in December. The trip is designed to support Valentina Quagliotti, who founded Ikusi, a non-profit based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ikusi is dedicated to furthering the objectives of other, socially conscious non-profits.

In addition to the workshops, I’ll be giving a number of presentations to an array of audiences.

As do so many others today, Valentina understands that the methodology we refer to as “backpack video journalism,” or “video journalism” is an effective tool to connect with people and to affect change. Video is the new literature. Video is the way people gather and share information. Video is the new language. And it is video that Ikusi uses as its primary tool for connecting and for changing.

In fact, Ikusi’s slogan is, “We see. We tell. We change.” That’s what I’ll be trying to do in Uruguay next month. “Change.”