Video Journalism and the Streets of Montevideo, WASHINGTON, DC, 23 December 2013 — During my recent Video Journalism Workshop, Juan Gari produced this film about one of the many recyclers working the streets of the Uruguayan capital in horse-drawn carriages. You can watch Juan’s film HERE. Like many of his colleagues, Juan used an HDSLR. The benefits of using these cameras […]

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“See, Tell, Change” with Ikusi and Video Journalism

WASHINGTON, DC, 21 December 2013 — This is the essence, the very core, the embodiment of what can be achieved with visual communication. It is the confluence of passion and technology. It is everything that communication can be. It is what I teach my students and it is what I, myself, aspire to. It is […]

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Video Journalism (and Change) Head to Uruguay

WASHINGTON, DC, 24 November 2013 — This is the poster prepared by a former student of mine announcing my visit to, and Video Journalism Workshop in, Uruguay in December. The trip is designed to support Valentina Quagliotti, who founded Ikusi, a non-profit based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ikusi is dedicated to furthering the objectives of other, […]

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