“A Life on the Wave,” by Luis Melgar

  WASHINGTON, DC, 1 January 2014 — This is another of the stories produced during my December 2013 Video Journalism Workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay. Luis Melgar happened upon a shop whose owner restores artwork. But the man’s real passion is radio. Luis spent a few days with Horacio Nigro, documenting his story, “A Life on […]

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Video Journalism and the Streets of Montevideo, WASHINGTON, DC, 23 December 2013 — During my recent Video Journalism Workshop, Juan Gari produced this film about one of the many recyclers working the streets of the Uruguayan capital in horse-drawn carriages. You can watch Juan’s film HERE. Like many of his colleagues, Juan used an HDSLR. The benefits of using these cameras […]

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Editing Your Doc: Watch and Listen First

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 November 2013 – So you’ve finished the production stage of your documentary. You’ve got a pile of media in the hard drive. And you’re looking at a blank time line. Now what? Every filmmaker devises his/her own system for the post-production stage of the process, but here’s what I’ve found to be […]

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