What’s In Your Backpack? (Keep it on the plane)

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 November 2012 — Here’s a recent question from a viewer of my recent video, “What’s In Your Backpack?” (You can watch the video HERE.)

“When you are flying do you keep your camera in that backpack or do you use a separate camera bag when you travel in planes? From the video it may not seem that there is a lot of padding in the backpack so I wasn’t sure if it offered enough protection to be in the overhead storage with all the other carry-on bags.”

Here’s my answer:

“I never, never put a camera into the belly of the plane. It always goes with me, either in the backpack or under the seat. That way I can walk off the plane and, no matter what happens to the suitcase carrying my clothes, I still can go to work. Forget about backpack padding. You pad your gear with other gear, and clothes.”

I hope this helps. Please contact me with further questions.