Ballerinas and Videos That Rock in Tbilisi

TBILISI, Georgia, 18 May 2014 — Young ballerinas line up to greet guests at the opening of a restored cultural museum in the Georgian capital. I’m here for two weeks to discuss how digital technology and the Internet are revolutionizing the global exchange of information — and the way we live. We are at an extraordinary juncture […]

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Documentary Filmmaking and Your Intellectual Property

WASHINGTON, DC, 8 November 2013 — I routinely advise participants in my Video Journalism Workshops to maintain control — as much as possible — of their intellectual property. My latest film on the Cuban economy illustrates why. I shot the bulk of the story, which appeared this week on a new Caribbean news outlet, during […]

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Released: 2nd of Three Films on Guatemala Gangs and Religion

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 August 2013 — This is the second of three short films I made on gangs and religion in Guatemala. Using the methodology that we refer to as “backpack video journalism,” I documented Robert Brenneman as he conducted follow-up research to his book, “Homies + Hermanos: God and Gangs in Central America.” The […]

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Video Journalism Visits Hermitage Museum

  ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, 2 August 2013 — On the second day of work sessions at the 4th meeting of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential commission (BPC) Sub-Group on Mass Media, our Russian hosts took us to visit the Hermitage Museum, on of the finest in the world. (Photos by Bill Gentile.)

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Backpack Video Journalism at Inter-American Defense College

WASHINGTON, DC, 10 December 2012 — I gave a presentation on coverage of military affairs at the Inter-American Defense College at Fort McNair in Washington, DC. In attendance were representatives of military and police units from across the hemisphere. I spoke specifically about how technology has changed the way we cover military and police activities. […]

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“Through Their Eyes,” the Trailer

WASHINGTON, DC, 19 November 2012 — This is the trailer of our upcoming film, “Through Their Eyes,” about six American University students who studied in Cuba during fall semester 2011. You can watch it HERE. We get to know this diverse group of students as they explore Cuba. Each changes in subtle but profound ways […]

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