Backpack Documentary Expedition Records Housebuilding

TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua, 27 June 2011 — Paloma Jackson, one of two students participating in the “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” takes aim at U.S. volunteers who are here building four houses as part of their mission with Bridges to Community, an NGO based in New York State. Some 30 volunteers are working in Ticuantepe with Bridges […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Heads to the Field

TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua 24 June 2011 — Bridges to Community staffer Kyla Gallagher takes our “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” to visit sites where U.S. volunteers will build homes next week. The house-building project is part of the NGOs cross-cultural endeavor between the United States and Nicaragua. My two backpack documentary makers, Martha Dodge and Paloma Jackson, […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Almost Ready to Go

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, 21 June 2001 — I moved around Managua on the day after my arrival in the back of one of these three-wheeled taxis, cutting around traffic that is so much heavier now than when I lived her in the ’80s. Almost finished with the prep work for the “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua.” Spent […]

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Backpack Video Journalism on Fast Track at USA TODAY

WASHINGTON, DC, 14 June 2011 — I am one of numerous American University faculty members presenting at USA TODAY on new technologies, techniques and social media. Leaders at the newspaper understand the importance of keeping apace with these ever-changing forces that impact our profession on a daily basis. My presentations focus on backpack video journalism […]

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Backpack Journalist Explores Iraq Aftermath

WASHINGTON, DC, 9 June 2011 — In this powerful, deeply personal film, Sam Slosberg examines the struggle of one man whose brother, a Marine Corps sergeant, returned from Iraq with multiple ailments that eventually claimed his life and forever changed the lives of his extended family. Sam was a participant in my 2-5 June 2011 […]

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Photographer’s Skills Transfer to Backpack Journalism

WASHINGTON, DC, 8 June 2011 — Tara Kocourek made this film during my 2-5 June 2011 Backpack Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC. Tara’s background as still photographer is evident in this piece, a quiet examination of one artist’s quest for creative self. She used an HDSLR with separate recorder to ensure powerful images and professional […]

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