Dramatic Arc #1


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Workshop Rates Reduced

WASHINGTON, 21 October 2009 — In light of the continued downturn in the American economy, we’ve cut the registration fee for our December workshop by 25 percent. See;=related

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Learn To Do This at December Workshop

WASHINGTON, 14 October 2009 — Learn to make documentaries for television and the Internet at our Backpack Journalism Workshop With NOW on PBS in Silver Spring, Md, 10-13 December 2009. Registration closes 6 November 2009. See

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Taking Registration for December Workshop

WASHINGTON, 13 October 2009 — We are now taking registrations for the December 2009 Backpack Journalism Workshop With NOW on PBS. Registration closes 6 November. The workshop will be held December 10-13 in Silver Spring, Md. Click below for an example of what you will learn:;=related.html.

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A New Nicaragua

18 JULY 1979 — With President Anastasio Somoza Debayle having fled Nicaragua just ahead of a tidal wave of violent opposition, his supporters still in the country jockeyed for power. The Sandinistas called any alternative to their rule “Somocismo without Somoza,” and rejected it as “unacceptable.” Above, Sandinistas and their supporters marched victoriously and defiantly […]

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