Backpack Video Journalism Workshop 15-18 August

This is to announce that we’re conducting a LIVE Backpack Video Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC, on 15-18 August. Registration for the LIVE workshop ends at midnight on Wednesday 31 July. For more information, please see I hope you can join us.  

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Online Video Journalism Workshop Available NOW

  WASHINGTON, DC, 22 June 2013 — I’m delighted to introduce my new Online Video Journalism Workshop. I’ve molded one of my face-to-face workshops into 14 compelling and informative videos to help you harness the power of video and engage the world. With the 14 videos you get a free PDF copy of my new […]

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Former USA Today Video Chief Reviews Field Manual

WASHINGTON, DC, 14 June 2013 — Sam Meddis, the former head of USA Today’s video department in Washington, DC, reviewed my Essential Video Journalism Field Manual on, saying, “it teaches the fundamentals of the craft.” Sam, who recently retired from the newspaper business, said, “the book comes alive with teachable moments.” To read the […]

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Video Journalism and “A Glow In the Darkness”

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 June 2013 — This is a film conceived, shot, written, narrated and edited by Eslly Melgarejo, one of the participants in my recent Video Journalism Workshop for the Thomson Reuters Foundation in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The story of a blind child’s refusal to accept defeat despite his handicap, the title means, “A […]

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Guatemala Fotokids Workshop Ends

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 30 May 2013 — It’s over. My Video Journalism Workshop at Nancy McGirr’s Fotokids ended with a big ice cream cake and this group shot. Great way to end two weeks in Guatemala, the first conducting a workshop for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and the second for Fotokids. (Photo by a camera […]

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Guatemala Workshop XX on YouTube.

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 29 May 2013 — This is a film that Danny Shack, one of the participants in my video journalism workshop, put together last week. It’s a chilling tale about the “XX” patients in local hospitals. XX means the patient has lost his/her memory and is stranded in the hospital until family or […]

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