Just 10 Days Left to Register for Video Workshop

WASHINGTON, DC, 10 May 2015 — Just 10 days left to register for the June 4-7  Video Workshop With Bill Gentile in Washington, DC. Registration closes at midnight on Wednesday 20 May 2015. At this four-day immersion in the craft of video storytelling, you learn to: – Articulate story ideas. – Capture powerful images and […]

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“Afghan Dreams,” The Second Half.

PITTSBURGH, PA, 29 April 2015 — Two of the central characters in our film, “Afghan Dreams,” shine in a darkened theater at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Our documentary follows four young Afghan women competing in the world’s most important contest of international law, the Vis Moot East. The contest is held each […]

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“Afghan Dreams” Screens at Commerce

WASHINGTON, DC, 3 MARCH 2015 — We conducted a screening of our film, “Afghan Dreams,” at the U.S. Department of Commerce. The film documents four Afghan law students, all female, as they defy all odds to compete in an international competition of commercial law in Hong Kong. The team was trained by lawyers working at […]

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Another Look at “No Fire Zone”

WASHINGTON, DC, 7 February 2015 — Ann Peters, Director of Development and Outreach at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, made this image during our screening and panel discussion this week of “No Fire Zone,” about war crimes by the Sri Lankan army during a 2009 offensive against Tamil rebels. UK filmmaker Callum Macrae showed […]

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Promoting Journalism and Democracy

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, 16 September 2014 — Met this morning with reporters from Diario El Mundo newspaper and showed them my film, “The Gangs,” that I made last year in Guatemala. Both countries suffer from the presence of urban gangs, so the journalists here could relate to the piece. I’m here this week on […]

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Learn to Build Powerful Videos at Workshop in Washington, DC

KIGALI, Rwanda, 26 July 2014 — Rwandans engaged in community work projects help build a school in this sprawling capital. These projects are one component of the Rwandan government’s efforts to build a sense of community and healing in a country that just two decades ago was the scene of one of the worst genocides […]

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