“Afghan Dreams,” The Second Half.

PITTSBURGH, PA, 29 April 2015 — Two of the central characters in our film, “Afghan Dreams,” shine in a darkened theater at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Our documentary follows four young Afghan women competing in the world’s most important contest of international law, the Vis Moot East. The contest is held each […]

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“Afghan Dreams” Screens at American University

WASHINGTON, DC, 31 March 2015 — Our new film about four Afghan law students — all young women — who overcome all odds to compete in an international competition on legal arbitration will screen on Wednesday 8 April at American University’s School of Communication. Join us for “Afghan Dreams,” a story about determination and grit […]

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“Afghan Dreams” Screens at Commerce

WASHINGTON, DC, 3 MARCH 2015 — We conducted a screening of our film, “Afghan Dreams,” at the U.S. Department of Commerce. The film documents four Afghan law students, all female, as they defy all odds to compete in an international competition of commercial law in Hong Kong. The team was trained by lawyers working at […]

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Reporting “Lone Survivor” Trailer

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 February 2014 — In the summer of 2005 a four-man team of US Navy SEALs dispatched to a mountainous region of northern Afghanistan in search of a renowned Taliban leader. Surrounded by enemy fighters, the SEALs called for backup. But when 16 Special Forces soldiers arrived on the scene in a Chinook […]

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New York Times Photojournalist Tyler Hicks in Afghanistan, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC, 18 March 2011 — While embedded with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (24thMEU) in Afghanistan in 2008, I made a brief video of New York Times Photojournalist Tyler Hicks as he prepared and then transmitted images from one of the most unforgiving locales on earth to the Times photo desk in New York. […]

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Essential QuickTip #8: Keep It Clean!

LITCHFIELD BEACH, South Carolina, 26 November 2010 — Especially because we usually work alone, backpack journalists have to pay attention to every detail. There’s nobody around to run through a checklist with us. So every time you pull the camera out of the bag, clean the lens. I know it sounds silly, but we get […]

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