Video Journalism and “A Glow In the Darkness”

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 June 2013 — This is a film conceived, shot, written, narrated and edited by Eslly Melgarejo, one of the participants in my recent Video Journalism Workshop for the Thomson Reuters Foundation in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The story of a blind child’s refusal to accept defeat despite his handicap, the title means, “A […]

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“News Photographer” Magazine Reviews Essential Field Manual

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 June 2013 — “News Photographer” magazine, the “official publication of the National Press Photographers Association” (NPPA), has published a two-page review of my “Essential Video Journalism Field Manual” in its latest edition. Written by Bruce Young and titled, “Time To Get Fitted For a Backpack?” the review is spread across pages 50-51 […]

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Guatemala Fotokids Workshop Ends

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 30 May 2013 — It’s over. My Video Journalism Workshop at Nancy McGirr’s Fotokids ended with a big ice cream cake and this group shot. Great way to end two weeks in Guatemala, the first conducting a workshop for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and the second for Fotokids. (Photo by a camera […]

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Guatemala Workshop XX on YouTube.

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 29 May 2013 — This is a film that Danny Shack, one of the participants in my video journalism workshop, put together last week. It’s a chilling tale about the “XX” patients in local hospitals. XX means the patient has lost his/her memory and is stranded in the hospital until family or […]

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Bringing Video Journalism to La Prensa

PANAMA CITY, Panama, 8 May 2013 — The journalists at La Prensa typically work in “silos,” meaning that reporters usually write stories and “los graficos” usually generate visuals. Having said that, there is some overlap, and a limited number of the staff actually do both. I had a great time discussing video journalism with them, […]

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Video Journalism at DC Shootoff Workshop

ARLINGTON, VA, 2 May 2013 — I gave a presentation today on Backpack Video Journalism at the DC Shootoff Workshop in Arlington, VA. Really cool bunch of folks. (All photos by Ken Cedeno)

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