Essential QuickTip #2: Don’t Just Stand There

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 September 2010 — I see backpack journalists standing flat-footed with their feet splayed out in the general direction of their subjects and it makes me cringe. A strong wind could blow them over, much less somebody not paying attention and who just happens to bump into them or, worse, somebody who wants […]

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Essential QuickTip #1: Hold the Camera Properly

WASHINGTON, DC, 10 September 2010 — Below is the first in a series of Bill Gentile’s Essential Backpack Journalism QuickTips that you may find helpful in the field. I certainly have. Please feel free to send any feedback. Bill Gentile: #1: Hold the Camera Properly You have a left hand largely for one purpose: To […]

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Backpack Journalism: What It Takes

WASHINGTON, 14 September 2010 — Now that we’ve defined backpack journalism, again, the next question might be, “So what does it take to be a backpack journalist?” Here are the requirements, not necessarily in order of importance. I’ve blogged about this before, and have somewhat altered what I believe is “the right stuff” of backpack […]

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Extreme Weather Bag Nearly Complete

NEWINGTON, VA, 9 September 2010 — I stopped by the offices of Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) last week to check on the Bill Gentile Extreme Weather Bag that I’m designing in conjunction with CEI engineers and executives. In the picture above, CEI Executive Vice President John Wesley Nash (R) looks on as I test the […]

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When Photojournalists Become Backpack Journalists

WASHINGTON, DC, 8 September 2010 — I participated in a conversation with bloggers on Rosenblum TV recently, which you may find interesting. Below see a version of my post about the transition from photojournalism to backpack journalism: Photojournalists have difficulty making the transition to video partly because they’ve spent so much of their professional lives […]

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CEI Advances on Backpack Journalism System

WASHINGTON, DC, 6 September 2010 — Communications Engineering Inc. of Newington, Va, is pushing forward with the Bill Gentile Backpack Journalism System. I stopped by the CEI headquarters recently to discuss the System, being marketed in part with the above poster. (Photo by Phil Whitebloom) While visiting the CEI offices, I also reviewed the new […]

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