Investigative Journalists Making Videos That Rock

TBILISI, Georgia, 22 May 2014 – Journalists at Studio Monitor watch one of my films during a presentation today on backpack and citizen journalism. Studio Monitor is the leading investigative journalism outlet in this country and, from what they showed me today, these journalists are doing a terrific job. What an extraordinary group of young, […]

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Guatemala Workshop in “Production” Stage

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 27 May 2013 — Jessica, one of nine Fotokids participating in my video journalism workshop, watches films being made during the five-day event. As we transit from the “pre-production” stage into the “production” stage of the workshop, I’m deeply impressed by the tenacity of these young people. By their thirst for knowledge […]

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December 2012 Video Journalism Workshop Ends

WASHINGTON, DC, 9 December 2012 — The December 2012 Video Journalism Workshop drew to a close with the screening of participants’ work performed over the four-day event. We saw some terrific work done by some participants who had come to the workshop with minimal or no experience at all in the craft. They went away […]

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Backpack Video Journalism at National Association of Naval Photography

ARLINGTON, VA, 13 May 2011 — I gave a presentation on backpack video journalism at the inaugural Shoot Off Video Workshop at the Navy League Building in Arlington, Va. The 2011 DC Shoot Off Video Workshop is a National Association of Naval Photography annual three-day videography, broadcasting and multimedia workshop designed for military and civil […]

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Essential QuickTip #6: Stick These In Your Ears

WASHINGTON, 18 NOVEMBER 2010 — I can’t tell you how many of my backpack journalism students lose critical visual and audio information because they are not connected to their characters with headphones. Once your character is out of sight and you are not listening to him/her over the wireless microphone, you’ve cut yourself off not […]

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Huxley and Moyers on Today’s Brave New World

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 November 2010 — I’ve recently come across two documents that, particularly after the recent election, are as profoundly relevant as they are disconcerting. The first is a 1958 interview by Mike Wallace of social critic and author of “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley. The other is a recent speech by Bill Moyers. […]

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