Backpack Journalism Marketing Workshop on UStream: Watch Now!

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 June 2012 — Watch our UStream live broadcast of Bruce Jones’ Backpack Journalism Marketing Workshop at—washington-dc

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Backpack Journalism Moves to New Level

WASHINGTON, DC, 15 June 2012 — Bruce Jones is upstairs getting ready for his two-day workshop. My Web guy, Nick Ray, was here last night for dinner and should be back around 8:30 this morning. My youngest brother, Rob, is on a flight from North Carolina to DC and hopefully arriving soon. Bryant Cook, my […]

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Internet Marketing Whiz Becomes New Addition to Backpack Journalism Workshops

WASHINGTON, 27 August 2010 — The live video presentation by Internet marketing expert Bruce Jones was so successful during our most recent Backpack Journalism Workshop that I’m making him a permanent feature of future events. A participant in one of my first workshops in 2008, Bruce joined us during my most recent event via Google […]

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Bruce Jones via Google Video Chat

WASHINGTON, 15 August 2010 — Participants in the 12-15 August Backpack Journalism Workshop With Bill Gentile used Google Video Chat to converse from a living room in northwest Washington, DC, with Bruce Jones, at his home just outside of Boston. He’s an expert in marketing over the Internet, and explained how to do so with […]

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Backpack Journalism – Long Distance

WASHINGTON, 15 August 2010 — Bob Shea (silhouetted on left) watches Bruce Jones on a flat screen hookup via Google Video Chat. Jones, who lives just outside of Boston, took time out to speak with Shea and others attending the Backpack Journalism Workshop With Bill Gentile, which is being held in Washington, DC. Jones attended […]

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