October 2014 Workshop One of the Best

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 October 2014 — The October 2-5 Video Workshop was one of the best we’ve ever conducted. We had a small but select group of participants assisted by workshop veterans Bruce Jones, Nick Ray and Esther Gentile. We all are deeply privileged to continue holding these events, and to share our craft with […]

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Essential Video Journalism Field Manual in Final Edit

WASHINGTON, DC, 4 December 2012 — Here’s the latest version of my “Essential Video Journalism Field Manual,” which we’ll be using for this week’s workshop. This new version measures 7X10 inches, making it an ideal companion in your backpack every time you head out to the field. After final revisions this week, my colleague Bruce […]

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“Essential Video Journalism Field Manual” Nearly Ready

NORWOOD, MA, 15 October 2012 — Internet designer and marketer Bruce Jones goes through breakfast Monday on the last day of our extended weekend brainstorming and planning session for the “Essential Video Journalism Field Manual” and online course. He had oat squares with blue berries and low-fat milk.

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“Bill Gentile’s Video Journalism Field Manual” Nears Finish Line

NORWOOD, MA, 13 October 2012 — Designer and Internet marketer Bruce Jones, at his office in Norwood, Massachusetts, begins a weekend dedicated to the completion of “‘Bill Gentile’s Essential Video Journalism Field Manual,’ by Backpack Journalist Bill Gentile.” Listed as a required text for my “Backpack Documentary” course of Spring 2013, the book should be […]

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Video Journalism “Essential Tips & Tools” Sneak Preview

WASHINGTON, DC, 24 July 2012 — Here’s a sneak preview of the new “Essential Tips & Tools” booklet we’ve developed for my Backpack Video Journalism Workshops With Bill Gentile. As you might imagine, the booklet contains a lot of the lessons I’ve learned about practicing the craft. And it was designed by Bruce Jones, the […]

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Bruce Jones Winds Up Video Journalism Marketing Workshop

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 June 2012 — Boston-based designer and Internet marketing specialist Bruce Jones addresses a select group of participants at a video journalism marketing workshop in my home this weekend. Below, a packet that Bruce had prepared in preparation for the event. Below, my youngest brother, Rob, and web designer Bryant Cook, listen to […]

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