Backpack Journalism in News Photographer Magazine

HAVANA, Cuba, 15 November 2011 — This two-page spread appears in the latest edition of News Photographer Magazine, published by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). It shows Chelsea Crandall, one of my AU Abroad students this semester, at work in Habana Vieja. I’m teaching my “Photojournalism and Social Documentary” class to the AU students, […]

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Backpack Journalism Back in “Habana Vieja”

OLD HAVANA, Cuba, 11 November 2011 – Students at a workshop run by the Office of the City Historian learn to replicate centuries-old metal decoration as part of an overall plan to restore the colonial-era city. I documented part of their training while working on a backpack journalism project here in Cuba. (Photo by Bill […]

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Backpack Journalism at Prensa Latina

HAVANA, Cuba, 8 November 2011 — I gave an afternoon presentation at the Havana headquarters of Prensa Latina, Cuba’s global wire service. Life is curious. When I worked for United Press International (UPI) in Mexico City some three decades ago, we subscribed to Prensa Latina as a key source of information about events in Cuba, […]

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It’s Over: Backpack Journalism Workshop in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba, 5 November 2011 – Students who attended the first-ever Backpack Journalism Workshop at the Jose Marti International Institute for Journalism pose for a group photo with their new diplomas, their talent and their unbridled enthusiasm. A few of the students unfortunately could not make this last day of the five-day event when we […]

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AU Abroad Students Hunt for Images in Old Havana

OLD HAVANA, Cuba, 2 November 2011 – AU Abroad students on a hunt for images take aim at some of the colonial-era buildings and their inhabitants during our class period on Wednesday. Included in the group are three Cubans who have joined the class. Two are photographers employed by the Casa de las Americas where […]

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Backpack Workshop Winds Down at International Institute for Journalism

HAVANA, Cuba, 4 November 2011 — We’re on the final work day of a five-day Backpack Documentary Workshop at the Jose Marti International Institute for Journalism. About 25 Cuban students are participating in the event. On the fifth day, we plan to view and critique the mini documentaries they generate. (Photo by Heriberto Gonzalez Brito.)

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