“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Winds Down

TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua, 30 June 2011 — Paloma Jackson interviews Steve McCurdy at the Enramadas community center in Ticuantepe, Nicaragua, as she winds down the production component of our “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua.” Paloma was one of two participants in the Expedition. McCurdy and some 30 other U.S.-based volunteers associated with Bridges to Community helped build […]

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Backpack Documentarians Record Humanitarian Effort

TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua, 29 June 2011 — Paloma Jackson (left) and Martha Dodge take a working breakfast during the “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua.” They are recording the work of some 30 U.S.-based volunteers associated with the New York-based Bridges to Community who are helping build four houses in four days for the materially poor in this […]

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Backpack Documentary Expedition Records Housebuilding

TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua, 27 June 2011 — Paloma Jackson, one of two students participating in the “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” takes aim at U.S. volunteers who are here building four houses as part of their mission with Bridges to Community, an NGO based in New York State. Some 30 volunteers are working in Ticuantepe with Bridges […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Meets U.S. Volunteers

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, 25 June 2011 — Paloma Jackson (far left) and Martha Dodge (with yellow cap) interview members of Bridges to Community at Managua’s international airport as they wait for the arrival of U.S.-based volunteers who will build houses next week in the town of Ticuantepe. Paloma and Martha are in Nicaragua to participate in […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Heads to the Field

TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua 24 June 2011 — Bridges to Community staffer Kyla Gallagher takes our “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” to visit sites where U.S. volunteers will build homes next week. The house-building project is part of the NGOs cross-cultural endeavor between the United States and Nicaragua. My two backpack documentary makers, Martha Dodge and Paloma Jackson, […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Almost Ready to Go

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, 21 June 2001 — I moved around Managua on the day after my arrival in the back of one of these three-wheeled taxis, cutting around traffic that is so much heavier now than when I lived her in the ’80s. Almost finished with the prep work for the “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua.” Spent […]

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