Shout Out on Kobre Channel

WASHINGTON, 21 May 2010 — The June 24-27 Backpack Journalism Workshop in San Francisco got a nice shout out by Ken Kobre on his visual journalism blog. Ken is a well-known figure in the world of photojournalism and visual communication. His book, “Photojournalism: The Professionals’ Approach,” which I’ll be using this fall at American University, […]

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Video on Mexico City Backpack Journalism Workshops

WASHINGTON, 18 May 2010 — I just got word that a video done by one of the students in my Backpack Journalism Workshops in Mexico City (We called them Talleres de Periodismo de Mochila) has been posted on YouTube. You can see it here.

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2nd Backpack Journalism Workshop in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY, 5 May 2010 — My second Backpack Journalism Workshop at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City ended with this group photo. The Tec de Monterrey, which has dozens of branch campuses around Mexico, is the first institution in Latin America (to my knowledge) that has embraced the model that we refer to as […]

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Epigmenio Ibarra: The First Backpack Journalist

MEXICO CITY, 4 MAY 2010 — It’s an honor to be in Mexico City, with Epigmenio Ibarra, helping to inaugurate the Mexican Foundation for Investigative Journalism. During and after the panel discussion that we led, I discussed the craft of backpack journalism, or what some refer to as video journalism, with some of the attendants. […]

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“Personal Hunger and Felt Need”

By Bill Gentile MEXICO CITY, 2 May 2010 — A friend of mine, a participant in one of my recent Backpack Journalism Workshops, wrote to thank me for the experience and to probe for ideas on how to keep up not only with the craft — but with something more. Here’s part of what he […]

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NOW on PBS Selects Top Workshop Videos

NOW on PBS has selected the top videos from the March 2009 Backpack Journalism Workshop to post on its site. Please see All participants should be deeply proud of your accomplishments. I certainly am.

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