“Through Their Eyes” at Morgan State

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BALTIMORE, MD, 9 March 2016 — Students and instructors at Morgan State University watch “Through Their Eyes,” an award-winning documentary that my wife, Esther, and I made about six American University (AU) students studying in Cuba in Fall 2011. (While the audience watched the film, I worked the computer to advance my classes at AU for later this year.)

The Morgan State University web site states, in part, that “While Morgan is a historically black institution, it has served students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Its mission today is to enroll a student body that is diverse in its socioeconomic and academic status and to provide the full-range of experiences and services that permits it to successfully serve students with a wide variety of goals and needs.”

As a co-chair of AU’s School of Communication Diversity Committee, I was truly honored to show our work to this diverse and interesting audience.

(Photos by Esther Gentile)

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