Backpack Journalism at Pulitzer Center

WASHINGTON 5 February 2010 — I recently took the idea of backpack journalism to the Pulitzer Center in Washington, DC. During an interview for Project: Report, an interesting endeavor sponsored by YouTube in conjunction with the Pulitzer Center and made possible by Sony and Intel, I discussed backpack journalism and what its practitioners should take […]

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Backpack Journalism™ for Russian Visitors

WASHINGTON, 15 January 2010 — I conducted a one-day Backpack Journalism™ Workshop for Russian journalists visiting the United States on a multi-city tour funded by the U.S. State Department. For their shooting exercise, I had them visit a shoe repair shop run by its Dominican-Puerto Rican-American owner, and a barber shop run by its Italian-American […]

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Backpack Journalism™ Workshop at NBC

WASHINGTON, 12 January 2009 — American University (AU) Distinguished Journalist in Residence Nick Clooney (l) and NBC anchor Brian Williams banter during a presentation at the Newseum. Also during the event, AU School of Communication (SOC) Dean Larry Kirkman announced a multifaceted partnership between the SOC and NBC News, including a Backpack Journalism™ Workshop at […]

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Sean Gallagher at American University

WASHINGTON, 29 October 2009 — British photojournalist Sean Gallagher addressed both my Foreign Correspondence class and my Photojournalism class at American University. Gallagher showed examples of his work in China on the process of desertification. Gallagher is sponsored by the Pulitzer Center. During his presentation to my students, Gallagher pointed out the necessity of being […]

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Backpack Journalism in Taiwan

American University graduate student David Coffey, above, focuses on covering Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan. The Taiwan military used helicopters to rescue civilians trapped by the typhoon that swept through parts of Taiwan in August. David is the first-ever recipient of the American University-Associated Press Foreign Internship Award. For the internship, David is based in Bangkok, […]

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AU Student Accepts Award for Backpack Journalism

David Coffey (left) accepts the American University-Associated Press Foreign Internship Award from School of Communication Professor Bill Gentile. Coffey, who is finishing a graduate degree in Journalism at AU, is leaving this week for a three-month internship with the AP in Bangkok, Thailand. AP, the world’s oldest and largest news-gathering organization, has a robust domestic […]

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