AU’s Backpack Journalism Project Goes to NAB in Las Vegas

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 April 2011 — I’ve accepted an invitation by Sony to lead a roundtable discussion, titled “The Backpack Journalism Project at American University,” at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) meeting in Las Vegas this weekend. Other presenters will be representing the University of Nevada, Ball State University, Indiana Public Radio and Colorado […]

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American University Students at San Francisco Ocean Film Festival

PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C., 9 March 2011 — A film made by two American University students with whom I traveled to the Galapagos Islands has been selected for screening at the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. Mark Petruniak and Chris McMorrow are heading to California to attend the show of “La Pesca Vivencial,” which they shot […]

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Backpack Video Journalist to USA TODAY

WASHINGTON, 22 January 2011 — Maria Howell (R) is on a roll. Last summer she was the winner of the Associated Press/American University Backpack Journalism Foreign Internship that took her to the AP bureau in Jerusalem. Last fall she took on a backpack journalism internship at And this week she begins a backpack video […]

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Essential QuickTip #8: Keep It Clean!

LITCHFIELD BEACH, South Carolina, 26 November 2010 — Especially because we usually work alone, backpack journalists have to pay attention to every detail. There’s nobody around to run through a checklist with us. So every time you pull the camera out of the bag, clean the lens. I know it sounds silly, but we get […]

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Essential QuickTip #7: Hide the Lavaliere

LITCHFIELD BEACH, South Carolina, 24 November 2010 — You see it all the time. Lovely women wearing ugly lav microphones sticking out of their neck as if it were some malignant growth. Hide the thing! Go to a pharmacy and get some Moleskin tape, which you normally would apply to your heel when wearing new […]

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SOC Graduate Practices Video Journalism for Washington Post

By Kady Buchanan WASHINGTON, DC, 28 October 2010 – Alexandra Garcia, a graduate of American University’s School of Communication, returned to a classroom she left six years ago to discuss her efforts to “show the people” through her work at the Washington Post. Garcia is the latest in Professor Bill Gentile’s Backpack Journalism Speaker Series […]

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