American University Launches The Backpack Journalism Project

WASHINGTON, 1 April 2010 — American University’s School of Communication today launches The Backpack Journalism Project, a major endeavor to define, to teach and to promote the methodology of a single, properly trained professional using a hand-held digital camera to achieve a more immediate, more intimate visual communication than possible with a large camera and […]

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Backpack Journalism at NBC News in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, 12 March 2010 — We launched the Backpack Journalism Workshop With American University at NBC News in Washington, DC. Good group of people. Lots of talent and excitement. Will keep you posted. (Photo by Bill Delano)

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Only 12 Days to Register for Workshop

WASHINGTON, 17 February 2010 — Only 12 days to register for the Backpack Journalism Workshop With Bill Gentile at NBC News in Washington, DC. See

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March 11-14 Workshop at NBC News Bureau

WASHINGTON, 12 FEBRUARY 2010 — It’s official. The March 11-14 Backpack Journalism Workshop With Bill Gentile will be held at the NBC News bureau in Washington, DC. The workshop is a joint venture with NBC News and with American University’s School of Communication. (Photo by Tomas Munita) Registration closes February 28. See

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Backpack Journalism at Pulitzer Center

WASHINGTON 5 February 2010 — I recently took the idea of backpack journalism to the Pulitzer Center in Washington, DC. During an interview for Project: Report, an interesting endeavor sponsored by YouTube in conjunction with the Pulitzer Center and made possible by Sony and Intel, I discussed backpack journalism and what its practitioners should take […]

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Backpack Journalism™ for Russian Visitors

WASHINGTON, 15 January 2010 — I conducted a one-day Backpack Journalism™ Workshop for Russian journalists visiting the United States on a multi-city tour funded by the U.S. State Department. For their shooting exercise, I had them visit a shoe repair shop run by its Dominican-Puerto Rican-American owner, and a barber shop run by its Italian-American […]

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