Spreading Video Journalism in Venezuela

WASHINGTON, DC, 18 May 2013 — During a trip to Venezuela last week, I visited the headquarters of Ultimas Noticias, one of the more widely read newspapers in the country and part of a broad and multifaceted media operation. The visit was part of a summer tour of presentations and workshops in Panama, Venezuela, Guatemala […]

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Panamanian Media Owners Meet Video Journalism

PANAMA CITY, Panama, 8 May 2013 — During my visit, I had the opportunity to breakfast with some of the key owners of Panamanian media outlets. From left are Juan Luis Batista, Bolivar Aleman, Guido Rodriguez, myself, Julia McKay of the U.S. Embassy in Panama, Rafael Candaneda, Guillermo A. Adames and Hernan Posada. We had […]

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Video Journalism Presentation at University of Panama

PANAMA CITY, Panama, 7 May 2013 — Panamanian students and I discuss “backpack video journalism” and “citizen journalism” at the University of Panama. These students were eager to learn about how technology grants the power to communicate today like never before. I had the opportunity to share some of the black-and-white images I made for […]

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Backpack Video Journalism Visits Panama City, Panama

PANAMA CITY, Panama, 7 May 2013 — During an interview with “TVN Panama” host Roly Sterling, we discussed how technology has equipped so many with the ability to have a voice, and to raise that voice, on issues important to all of us. I participated in Roly’s show today as part of a State Department-sponsored […]

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Video Journalism at DC Shootoff Workshop

ARLINGTON, VA, 2 May 2013 — I gave a presentation today on Backpack Video Journalism at the DC Shootoff Workshop in Arlington, VA. Really cool bunch of folks. (All photos by Ken Cedeno)

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Backpack Video Journalism Heads to Guatemala

WASHINGTON, DC, 25 April 2013 — Here’s the ad for the workshop I’m conducting in Guatemala on 20-24 May. The Backpack Video Journalism Workshop is sponsored by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which is sponsoring a second workshop, to be held in London on 24-28 June. Both events are being offered to working professionals. To see […]

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