Backpack Journalist Gets to the Roots of “Concrete Tomato”

WASHINGTON, DC, 12 June 2011 — Daniel Sadicario teaches English at the prestigious MICDS in St. Louis, Missouri. He, and the institution for which he works, understand the power and the promise of visual communication. A grant obtained through MICDS enabled Dan to attend my 2-5 June 2011 Backpack Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC, and […]

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Backpack Journalist Explores Iraq Aftermath

WASHINGTON, DC, 9 June 2011 — In this powerful, deeply personal film, Sam Slosberg examines the struggle of one man whose brother, a Marine Corps sergeant, returned from Iraq with multiple ailments that eventually claimed his life and forever changed the lives of his extended family. Sam was a participant in my 2-5 June 2011 […]

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Photographer’s Skills Transfer to Backpack Journalism

WASHINGTON, DC, 8 June 2011 — Tara Kocourek made this film during my 2-5 June 2011 Backpack Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC. Tara’s background as still photographer is evident in this piece, a quiet examination of one artist’s quest for creative self. She used an HDSLR with separate recorder to ensure powerful images and professional […]

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Backpack Journalist Meets Rich and Famous at Ben’s Chili Bowl

WASHINGTON, DC, 3 June 2011 — Check out Lee Poston (right) a participant in my Backpack Journalism Workshop, who ran into Joe Montegna while shooting a documentary at the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl in the nation’s capital. Lee says Joe was “incredibly gracious, warm and friendly — and hungry.” (Photo courtesy of Joe Montegna Family.)

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Backpack Journalism Workshop Off to Great Start

WASHINGTON, DC, 2 June 2011 — The latest Backpack Journalism Workshop got off to a terrific start today with participants digging into good stories with some compelling characters. Above, assistant instructor Maria Howell goes over Final Cut Pro with Sam Slosberg. Above, Kate Fenner listens to assistant instructor Kelly Donnellan. Above foreground, Daniel Sadicario works […]

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Backpack Video Journalism at National Association of Naval Photography

ARLINGTON, VA, 13 May 2011 — I gave a presentation on backpack video journalism at the inaugural Shoot Off Video Workshop at the Navy League Building in Arlington, Va. The 2011 DC Shoot Off Video Workshop is a National Association of Naval Photography annual three-day videography, broadcasting and multimedia workshop designed for military and civil […]

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